Dress Vegas Longo by Elisa F


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The clothing of Elisa F are our absolute favourites. You can wear them at every occasion. Perfect for work or a night out with high heels!
Timeless quality.

Elisa F Dress Vegas in Coral
100% cotton


Elisa F´s clothes are designed for women of all ages and sizes, who want to feel well-dressed throughout the race of constantly changing trends without having to worry about being out of fashion. Her clothes are time-less, not only because of design or choice of colour but also because of quality, and can be considered as a long-lasting base of a solid wardrobe. She wanted to set up a line of clothes that were comfortable and attractive at all times, be it at the market, at home, going to the office, at the beach or at a wedding, bringing out the very best of every woman in a feminine, sensual way, and at the same time feeling completely comfortable in natural fabrics.

Dress Vegas Longo by Elisa F

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